Products and Machinery


We manufacture a wide variety of parts for different industrial sectors, aesthetics, white goods, automotive in which we are specialized in both industrial parts (gear shifts, headrests, engine covers…) and style (dashboard, hand brakes, armrests, grilles and front frames.We use all types of materials from the best brands to ensure the highest quality in our final products.


Currently our machine park ranges from 55 tn to 850 tn of closing force, we have the most modern machines on the market (Engel, Arburg, Negri Bossi, Battenfield…), which are all fed automatically. from a drying and dehumidifying plant. Our machines are robotized in order to maximize our productivity and reduce production costs, which makes us increase our competitiveness and be able to offer our clients the best prices in order to satisfy their needs. Our machinery is always in continuous renewal to always have the most current and advanced technology.

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